Weird things you see whilst travelling.

What’s the weirdest thing/sight you’ve seen whilst travelling? Karen and I have certainly seen many weird (and wonderful) sights as we have travelled both overseas and within Australia.

As I was looking through my photos on my Mac the other day I came upon a strange photo in the middle of my snaps from when we were in Dresden last year. Here it is.


Any ideas about the subject of this photo? I’ll tell you more about it later.

I’ve included a few more photos of unusual sights below.


Bratislava in Slovakia has quite a few quirky statues and sculptures. This one of a ‘Man at Work” appealed to us.

In Quedlinburg in Germany, a town famous for its framework buildings, we saw this small tower in a courtyard area. Not sure what it was used for. Perhaps someone knows.


Hannover has three statues ‘Die Nanas’ which are loud and voluptuous looking. When initially placed near the Liene River in 1974 they were not popular. 40 years on they are quite an attraction, even if a bit unusual.


We complain about traffic snarls which are a daily hazard on our freeways going to work. However when we travelled in Rajasthan from Jodphur to Udaipur we were forced to wait for livestock to move down, and then off, the so-called freeway.

DSCN6388Unusual sights aren’t confined to what we’ve seen overseas. One of the more unusual houses we’ve ever seen is only a couple of hours drive away at Fairhaven on the Great Ocean Road. The ‘Pole house’ has been recently renovated I believe.

DSCN5769Then again perhaps this twisting tower in Dubai, which has been under construction since before 2010, may be even more weird, seemingly defying what is possible to be built and stay upstanding.


So, what about my unusual sight at the start of this post? Well, when we were in Dresden we visited a laundromat, as you must when travelling, and the owner had pinned hundreds of unclaimed/lost socks to the ceiling! Certainly amused us.

Now I’m hoping you will tell and show me some of the weird things/places you have witnessed. I look forward to it.


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