Warburton Rail Trail

Last year Karen and some of her teacher friends decided to complete the Oxfam 100Km in 48 hours walk. As part of the preparation a group of non participants including myself joined in and walked sections of the Oxfam walk in the Dandenong Ranges National Park.

This year we decided to walk another section. This part was along the Warburton Rail Trail. So one sunny afternoon we drove to the carpark at Launching Place where three of us were dropped off. We intended to walk the 10.6 kilometres to Warburton.


At first the trail followed the Warburton Highway. It was quite flat and the weather was sunny. After a couple of kilometres we were in Yarra Junction which was formerly a major timber town. As we walked through a lovely market was just finishing up. Too bad we hadn’t started a bit earlier.


Along the trail seating and the odd picnic table could be found for those walking further than us. I just loved the beautiful white barked eucalypts along the edge of the trail.


The section between Yarra Junction and Millgrove saw us come into contact with the Little Yarra River as we walked along the edge of the floodplain.


Good weather had brought out lots of other walkers. Some were clearly preparing for the 2015 Oxfam Walk with maps in hand. Others were just out for a pleasant day’s walk. Walkers share the trail with cyclists too. Those coming towards us were easy to spot but avoiding those from behind was tricky at times. Fortunately most tinkled their bells to give us warning. In spots the trail was bridged over the floodplain.


The trail continue along the edge of farmland. We had good views out to the mountains of the Yarra Ranges National park as we walked.


Nearer to Warburton the trail was tarred and at times we could hear the Little Yarra bubbling along. We were met by Brendan who’d dropped us off back at Launching Place and had walked from Warburton, where he’d left the car, to meet up with us.


Once we arrived in Warburton we walked through the town, past many cafes and arty crafty shops to where our car was parked. We stopped at a seat on the banks of the Little Yarra River resting after our walk. Perhaps we’ll walk another section another time or if we get really energetic may bring our bikes and cycle the whole 39kms. Lots of good possibilities to consider.



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