George Bass Walk from Kilcunda

Karen’s friends from her school planned to walk along the coast from Kilcunda to San Remo as a special day together to mark Karen’s retirement from teaching. The chosen day of February 22nd created a challenge. The weather forecast was for a hot 35 degrees. We drove across from Dromana to Kilcunda reasonably early. Once everyone had arrived we applied sunscreen, put on hats and collected water bottles and daypacks with other snacks in them. Off we set along the officially named George Bass Walk, all eleven intrepid walkers.


Excellent views out into Bass Strait could be seen right from the start. Cliffs rose above each of the small bays we walked past.


Early on the trail was a well maintained gravel path. There was even the occasional dash of shade from trees along the path’s edge.  After about fifty minutes we had the option of going down to quite a large empty beach. As the temperature was already quite hot we were all happy to head down there for a rest and a drink.


Once on our own private beach a few paddled in to cool down while others sat on the rocks and partook of water and snacks. After about twenty minutes we set off along the beach


and then rejoined the sandy trail. Some of the hillier sections were boarded which helped.


Then we cam to a more open and exposed section where the surface was grass. We had views across to Cape Paterson and more cliffs and rocky beaches as we went further.


The sun was certainly hot. As we reached sign boards marking the five kilometre mark a couple decided to return but the majority of us continued on. However when we reached Half Moon Bay it was obvious we were making slower than anticipated progress so we decided to start back as we had a lunchtime booking back at the pub in Kilcunda. Lots of water was drunk as we walked, especially across the open areas. Some caves were evident at one point in the cliffs.


At another point the tide going out had provided excellent spots for surf fishing.


As the time approached one o’clock we were pleased to make the approach back to the outskirts of Kilcunda. Many were enjoying the cooling water while others were seeking shelter in beach tents.


However it still took quite a while to reach the pub, a welcome finish even if we were a bit late. Cold water and beer to follow were accompanied by a massive serving of flathead fillets, chips and salad for lunch. We enjoyed the walk’s location but cooler conditions would be needed the next time we tackled it.


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