White Night 3 in Melbourne

A sensational balmy, hot night for White Night 3 in Melbourne. To avoid the expected crush after dark we arrived at the start just after 7:00 pm. This meant picking out a few offerings that were inside where daylight didn’t affect things too much. We started at St Paul’s Cathedral where changing lights on the altar were accompanied by organ music. Green floodlighting of the organ was a good effect.


SAMSUNGFrom there we joined the friendly masses and made our way up Swanston Street. It was too early to fully appreciate the sound and light of Some Still Cry When It Rains at the City Square. We headed up Collins Street and entered the Baptist Church which was playing host to a live sound and light performance of The Pursuit of Wholeness. Quite fascinating and well done.

Pursuit of WholenessNext stop was at the Scots Church where we sat for awhile to rest and take in another sound and light show entitled Colonise. Didn’t quite hit the mark for us. Back down Collins Street and around the corner into the throng on Swanston Street. A number of buskers were doing a good trade, cashing in on the opportunity to perform in front of larger than normal crowds. In the Bourke Street Mall we found the Chill Out area with the Indie Screen and its well occupied white couches. A good place to give the legs a rest if you were lucky enough to find a couch being vacated.

Chill Out @ The MallTwo smaller offerings were located in the heavily grafittied Union Lane. Firstly there was screened a series of black and white photos, I Have Seen the Future and It Just Looks Like It Used To Be. Further along a display entitled 14 Ounces with some excellent photos from our Goldrush era on large screens.

SAMSUNGFrom there we walked back along Little Collins, past yet another busker who was playing some outstanding Flamenco guitar, to Swanston Street. Lots more going on now which was better as it was becoming darker.

Flinders Street_2In Flinders Street Wonderland was being beamed onto the side of the old station building. With a quick repeat time it certainly kept all of us entertained and able to move on to the next thing.

SAMSUNGWhat didn’t we have the time and energy to see? Well there was the fire breathing Crucible at Sita’s garden down in Birrarung Marr,

The Crucible, Sita's Garden@Birrarung Marrthe skeletal Keyframes in the moat at the NGV

Keyframes @NGVand musical performances up at Melbourne Museum. Hopefully funding to continue White Night in Melbourne will be forthcoming and we will be better prepared and able to spend more time at this fantastic event next year.


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