Amanda Palmer and the TSO at MOFO

One of the reasons to time our visit to Tasmania in mid January was so we could attend a concert at MOFO. Our friend Judy had booked herself into MONA for a River of Fundament show about midday. About 1:15 husband Rod drove us into the city for the Amanda Palmer concert which he was part of because Rod is a viola player with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) who were supporting her. We parked near the Federation Concert Hall and walked to the concert hall, Rod with his viola case in hand. Rod went around to the back and we took our seats, numbers 15 and 16 in row S and watched the orchestra musicians gradually come out and tune up.


Finally just after 2:00 they started up. Then from a side door Amanda made her entrance. During her first song she moved around bringing in a violinist and a trumpeter through different side doors. She also discovered a recorder player hidden on stage and showed him out! Clearly he was superfluous to her needs! The show was varied, some slower songs, like Trout Heart Replica, some very lively such as Runs in the Family. She also had another guest singer on stage for one number and her husband, Neil Gaiman, for another. Amanda and Neil did a great version of Perfect Day by Lou Reed. A couple of the songs were a bit long in our mind but that was more than made up for by others such as an old Dresden Dolls song, Coin-operated Boy, in which she and the orchestra did a very entertaining staccato duel. After her last song during which she had the audience stand and join in she exited to enthusiastic applause. After a while she came back on and did her Map of Tasmania song with her ukulele to wild and raucous response from the audience. The culmination saw her husband and another attendant come in with a black sheet and she did a strip to be revealed topless and only wearing a reasonably large map of Tassie to keep things slightly modest! It had been a great show. We returned back to Margate for an excellent dinner prepared mostly by Rod. Judy had left him recipes for a couple of new salads to go with BBQ butterflied marinated chicken. Rod cooked up a storm! The chicken was delicious. One salad had cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, roasted lemon and mint. The other was a variation on a Waldorf salad. It had sliced apple, roasted hazelnuts, celery, lettuce and dill with an egg mayonnaise dressing.


To complete things there were baked potatoes with their skins on. Just delicious! To top it off was a lovely chocolate cake for dessert that daughter Esther had made. It was a sensational meal to end a great day at MOFO.


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