Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

For quite a few years we have been casual observers of the development of the fruit and vegetable garden at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, commonly known as Pete’s Patch, after Peter Cundall. Although Tino is the current presenter from this site on Gardening Australia. So we had planned on visiting sometime during our stay in Tasmania but poor weather had prevented us so far. So it was a great delight to be able to stop and checked out the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on our return from the East Coast. After parking our first move was to follow the map to Pete’s Patch to see the veggies and fruit trees. We were quite interested in the layout and were intrigued to see so many fruit trees. The bees were certainly loving the giant sunflowers and the climbing beans that had been planted in a number of different settings.


After strolling through this part we moved on to the succulents, which were quite nearby.


From there we followed our noses to the conservatory. With all those liliums, begonias and other flowering plants the scent was amazing. We were also taken by the greenery and ferns, not to mention the warmth. It was good to dodge the cool wind and the brief showers for a while.


From there it was a short distance to our favourites, the banksias. Next we walked up to the Tasmanian section next with more natives. We continued along the main path and at the far end we returned via the New Zealand section to the pond with lots of ducks and ducklings swimming about. Great reflections of the bridge and trees provided some excellent photo opportunities.


As it became cooler we exited through the main entryway and drove through the city of Hobart back to Margate where we were staying for a couple more days with our friends Rod and Judy. We chatted and ate a delicious dinner of lasagna and salad accompanied by a warming 2005 Domaine A cabernet savignon. Even though it’s theoretically summer the temperature was certainly cold! So after dinner it was a pleasure to end the day sitting in front of the open fire to share some photos from our recent European trip and then watch an amazing acting performance by Michael Keaton in the movie Birdman.


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