Bruny Island

Having flown into Tasmania the night before to stay with friends in Margate, just south of Hobart, we checked out the weather forecast and saw good weather so decided we would go to Bruny Island the very next day. Firstly we drove to Kettering from where the ferry leaves. We joined one of the three queues and, as we paid, the operator informed us that the next ferry would be in about 40 minutes. The attached kiosk was doing a roaring trade in coffee to the ‘desperates’. The harbour was quite full, many yachts and cruisers making it an attractive sight.

The Marina at Kettering.
The Marina at Kettering.

After about thirty minutes engines were being started up and we followed the vehicle in front of us onto the ferry’s top level which was good for observing the scenery as we floated across to Bruny. On arrival we waited for our turn and were soon on our way. Local producers had their signs out doing their best to attract custom. Our first stop was the Bruny Island cheese café. After finding a car space we made our way to the tasting side of the building. A young lady invited those in the room to come closer so she could give us information about the various cheeses on display and obviously for sale. They had a good blend of hard and soft cheeses. My favourite was a French style soft cheese. Our purchase was placed in a foil lined bag which enabled us to keep it cool for the day until we returned to refrigerate it. We continued on our way. The Neck of road between the two halves of the island was unsealed and signs were up telling us to slow down. As we went we soon discovered the reason was that an earlier driver had taken a slight bend far too fast and had rolled and was now blocking part of the road. Fortunately for us the police were directing us through and drivers coming in the other direction were waiting. We continued to the turnoff to Adventure Bay. Here we stopped to try (and buy) some of the very delicious fudge. Our favourites were dark fudge and hazelnut. Just opposite was the Hot House Café which had been recommended to us. The outdoor seating provided an excellent view of the water while we ate an early lunch of toasted sandwiches. Karen drank tea and I had a lovely freshly made apple juice. From there we drove across to Adventure Bay. We parked at the far end of the bay and gathered our gear.


Our intention was to walk along the path above the beach to Grassy Point and then go up and around the Fluted Cape. The weather was ideal. The colour of the water, a beautiful turquoise blue sparkling in the sun.


We saw a few other walkers but mostly had the path to ourselves after we started the steady climb upwards. Along the way we had views over the cliff edge to some interesting rock formations.


Some trees amazed us. One found it hard to believe their roots could gain a footing in the rocks.


At the top we came upon a lone walker who was doing the walk in the opposite direction. We chatted for a while and then started our descent, glimpses of water coming back to us through the trees. After reaching the beach we crossed the sand back to the car for a snack and drink. On our return journey we stopped at the Neck and ascended to take in the excellent views in every direction for a short time only as the wind was really quite strong.


Our arrival at the ferry terminal saw us join a long queue while we waited for the ferry to return. Again we were lucky and our car was directed to the top level for the trip back to Margate via Kettering. Bruny Island had certainly been well worth the visit.


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