Not too Hot To Handle!

– a look at drinking Hot Chocolate in Central Europe.

In the interests of equity I am now writing this post about drinking hot chocolate in the cafés and restaurants of the central European countries of Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Whilst I enjoyed the beer throughout this region Karen was able to indulge in drinking hot chocolate on a frequent basis. When one is walking for large parts of each day there’s no chance drinking a Hot Chocolate will put weight on you!

It is well known that Vienna has a wonderful coffee and cake culture so when one doesn’t drink coffee and is looking fro a change from tea then there’s no better drink than a hot chocolate!

So our story actually begins in Dubai. Here we ate lunch at the Cheesecake factory which is abutting the Ski Dubai indoor ski slope and winter wonderland that oil has managed to fund in the Mall of the Emirates. It was chilly being so close so the natural choice of drink is a hot chocolate. Even our mascot Woolleegreen Sheep thought so!


The European part of our journey started at the delightful Foxford in Bratislava. This hot chocolate (bottom left of photo) was a prelude to dinner and was drunk so quickly that I’d barely sipped my beer!


We travelled to the High Tatras next and based ourselves for week in an excellent apartment at Apartment dom Familia in Novy Smokovec. Our first walk was going well. However at about the three hour mark it started to rain so we moved quickly up the mountain to the nearest chalet where we both warmed up with these frothy hot chocolates under the shelter of a large umbrella. We did decline the kind offer of the local liqueur that was offered.


Usually Karen found that the hot chocolates came heavily laden with cream as you see in this strong dark one drunk after dinner in Stary Smokovec.

DSCN7329This was also true of the way hot chocolate was served in the Czech Republic. You had to ask for only a small amount of cream on top if you wanted to remain guilt free. But after a long morning’s bike ride along the Elbe River valley the only way to have a hot chocolate was with lots of cream on top!

Now that’s a Hot Chocolate! Served up in Litomerice just the way Karen likes it!


Although after a long walk in the Bohemian Swiss National Park on the Czech-German border some cream would have been welcome but the strong dark chocolate flavour in this drink still gave a much needed boost of energy!

Basing ourselves in Dresden for a week gave us a chance to try many of the delicious slices and sweet items as an accompaniment to an afternoon hot chocolate. Quarkballchen were good.


However it was hard to go past a delicate hot chocolate with the local delicacy eierschecke. (I hope I spelt that right!) Even our mascot reckoned that was the best cake in Dresden!



Oops! How did that get in here? Yes there was the odd occasion when a cup of tea was drunk owing to the lack of hot chocolate on the menu. This was in the delightful town square of Kempen in Germany near the Dutch border.


At the touristy town of Titisee in the Black Forest region a passing hot chocolate in a park purchased from a railway station bakery did the trick before we walked around the lake.


Karen’s final fling in the world of hot chocolate was in Freiburg where she indulged in a frothy hor chocolate after a long day of walking around. Sadly it didn’t compare to those cream laden ones she’d had at the start of our trip in Slovakia but it still tasted good.



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