Kempen, a quiet little gem.

A relaxed start to the day. Sadly the weather was cloudy. When we arrived for breakfast Rita had already been to the bakery so we tucked in to another nice breakfast. Our plan was to go to the nearby town of Kempen, a smaller town with the old part still mostly surrounded by a town wall. We took the two person day ticket option and off we went. At Viersen bus station we swapped onto another bus to Kempen. As we approach Kempen we drive around the walled part until we reached the old Mill Tower (Mühletor), a very impressive tower with windmill atop.


From there we take one of the many streets acting as radii into the centre of the Aldstadt. We noticed there were frequent signs showing the way for a walking tour of the town so we followed them for some time. The town was clean and really well preserved with attractive hanging flower baskets along the streets giving the whole place a well loved look. We take the many photo opportunities along the way.


It was relatively untouristed and quiet with just day to day happenings going on. Around 1:20 we stopped in the main town square for lunch at a grill restaurant. Karen had a large kebab and I enjoyed a Jägerschnitzel, which comes with a mushroom sauce. After lunch we followed the trail out to the wall then walked along a path which followed the wall.


We checked out a bus timetable and we discovered we had just missed one so we headed back on another radial road to the centre. We ended up doing some shopping and then walked out another street to a bus stop on the ring road where we took the bus back to Viersen. Kempen had been a real hidden gem!


One thought on “Kempen, a quiet little gem.”

  1. Hi Karen & Mark. It sounds as if you are having a lovely relaxed time and seeing lots of interesting sights/sites. Your weather is much better than ours today- cold and showery. Enjoy the remainder of your trip. Safe travels. Love Denise

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