Dusseldorf Daytrippers

Once the essentials of showers, buying breakfast rolls and eating breakfast were over we took two buses to the station and we were on our way to Dusseldorf. The helpful bus driver had suggested the best thing to do was buy a day pass. The weather was sunny so it was a great day for an excursion from Viersen. Once in Dussldorf we headed to the Tourist Information and were given maps to help us find our way around. The route we took to the Aldstadt saw us go through the Japanese section of the city. Lots of Japanese food stores, hotels and restaurants! Quite a surprise. It was almost like we were in Japan! We even went in one store and bought some of our favourite set from Japan, Pocky – yum!

Little Japan!
Little Japan!

When we came to the old town we walked around for a while. The old town market square buildings were well preserved but many in the area had now been modernised. Sadly the old tower was closed so we walked along the Rhine promenade. Cafés, bars and restaurants followed the river and most were doing a good trade due to the weather.

A great day for a stroll along the Rhine Promenade.
A great day for a stroll along the Rhine Promenade.

There was a constant stream of barges and boats on the Rhine to be observed. All very interesting.


The new Media Harbour was our target for lunch. It sounded like Melbourne’s Docklands and it turned out to be be very similar. There were nice garden areas along the river and within the harbour itself many cabin cruisers were moored. Apart from that the whole area was cafés, restaurants and offices. A number of buildings were architecturally different. One was white and the apartments were on a slant. Next to it was a metallic apartment building, very modern looking indeed!


On the other side of the harbour a building had many colourful characters climbing all over it. It was like a scene from a cartoon! These characters were also on quite a number of the Dusseldorf souvenirs we had seen as we walked along.


We went into a bakery cafe and bought some egg rolls. We walked back to the gardens on the river and ate our picnic lunch while a steady parade of boats went by. From there we walked back towards the old section of town. We stopped at a cafe with wifi to have a drink and check our emails and upcoming train timetables before returning to the main station. Got a bit off track on our walk back to the station but a local soon put us right. The station was not on a main road from the town we had discovered. When we did reach the station we found that we had just missed a train. We decided to break the journey back in two by going to Mönchengladbach then catching another train to Viersen. This ended up bringing us back to Viersen quicker than if we had waited for a direct train. Our day trip to Dusseldorf was over.


One thought on “Dusseldorf Daytrippers”

  1. Hello to you both from BIG JAPAN. We are in the 5th day of our travels and have been having a FAB time inluding revisiting some great locations. We’ve been to Kitakata and stayed at an old Ryoken whilst there with an eccentric old man running it. Then travelled onto Nikko via the wonderful train systems here.and we are now at lovely Hakone close to Mount Fuji with a planned visit there tomorrow as the cloud cover may be minimal. Our guides are doing a wonderful job and as i type I sit next to a tranquil forest with the tourist train slowly going past in the dense forest, wonderful. Please to hear you’re enjoying lovely Germany and are now with the relos. Keep us informed and we’ll see you both when we retun.
    Charles and Suzanne

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