Hanover happenings

After another excellent buffet breakfast we pay our bill and checked out of Hotel Adelheid. At the car we set up the sat-nav and we were on our way. Even though it wasn’t raining it was cloudy. We arrived in Hanover just after 11:00, without incident and found where to park our car and leave the keys in the hatch as the Avis-Budget office was closed.


imageOur next task was to find our way to our hotel. We had a rough idea of where the centre of the city was from our drive in so off we walked. After a while we ended up at the main train station and from there it was easy to find the Tourist Information. We soon had a map and good directions of where to find our hotel and where the main attractions were. Even though check in time was 14:00 we went directly to the hotel and left our luggage. From there it was a short walk to the Aldstadt.


We had a light lunch of toasted sandwiches at an Italian Eis Cafe. Our walk through the Altstadt continued to the river where we saw some kayakers and also three very modern statues which were apparently controversial according to the locals.


From there we continued to the Rathaus, a very imposing and grand building.

imageWe kept walking through the nearby gardens past a small lake until we came to the Maschsee, a lake similar to Albert Park Lake in Melbourne. Quite a few yachts were sailing around it. We encountered a young Aussie guy from WA with a German friend. Apparently she had worked in WA at a pub with him previously. From there we headed back to the Altstadt. Near our hotel a Jazz band was playing for the Jazz Festival they had on that weekend. Much better to see a band in dry weather! Plus they were good too!


Back at the InterCity Hotel we rested, freshened up and changed. We made our way through the main station and out to the north where we had been at the start of the day. We walked up Lister Meile to Cafe Mezzo at number 4. It was quite mild still but we decided to eat inside to avoid potentially sitting near smokers. Our waitress spoke excellent English and was very helpful. We ordered drinks first. At her recommendation I tried a Gilde Pilsener first, a local beer from Hanover which was easy to drink. Karen had a Coke. Karen ate a flatbread with a sour cream base topped with feta and potato. My meal was a wrap with a mince beef and vegetable mix inside accompanied by a salad. My next beer was a Hanover Bio, an unfiltered pilsener made using environmentally sound practices I was told. It too was a good beer but different to the first. Karen finished with a black tea. When we paid our bill we chatted a bit with our waitress, who also secured a variety of local beer coasters for me. Our walk back to our hotel didn’t take long nor did our ability to sleep!


2 thoughts on “Hanover happenings”

  1. Sounds great. Holidays and lovely weather here. We have not been doing anything exciting but I have begun renovating my deck ready for New Years Eve! You’re invited! Love to hear the travel stories. Safe travels! Xox Denise

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