Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Monday 8th September

After a late and relaxed breakfast we made our way to the Dresden Neustadt station and just missed a train to Schöna. After the obligatory half hour wait we were on our way. The trip took just over an hour and we saw much of the way along the side of the river Elbe where we have cycled towards Dresden last Thursday. We paid the ferryman and were soon on the other side of the river back in the Czech Republic. Today we were going to briefly visit Hrensko on our way to see the Prebischtor rock formation. According to the sign it will be forty minutes once we leave the town. The walk through this border town sees us pass many market stalls set up to sell alcohol, cigarettes and cheap clothing at tag free prices. They are surprisingly nearly all being manned by Asian men and women. We followed the road for about thirty minutes to reach the main path which will lead us to the Prebischtor. The first part is sealed with bitumen then it became rockier and more uneven as we ascended. The forest is quite beautiful. The peace and quiet is disturbed by the sound of a chainsaw. Within five minutes we reached the scene of the noise where two men were building a fence/railing system at a point where the drop down is quite sharp. As we continued on the boulders become more massive.


It took us longer than the forty minutes to reach the top, perhaps we don’t walk as fast as the National Park staff! Amazingly cut into the side of the rocks next to the Prebischtor was a restaurant and to get to the very top a fee is required. We were a bit put out.


We took a few photos and started our return journey. Once we reached the outskirts of Hrensko again we realised that we were too late to catch the train so we stopped for a drink and some excellent apple strudel. After that we took the ferry back over the Elbe to the train station at Shöna. The journey back was a relaxing hour. After a rest and a change of gear we headed out to another Lonely Planet recommended restaurant down in Louisenstrasse called Plan Wirkshaft. It was tucked into a courtyard beneath a hostel. The main section had a nice, but unusual appearance with lots of old equipment such as vacuums, scales, vices decorating the walls. The food had a modern twist to old favourites with most ingredients proudly sourced locally. Karen had a vegetable pancake and I ate spaghetti with a tomato and German sausage which apparently was a variation on an old Dresden favourite of the DDR days. The Rechenbeerger beer matched my meal nicely. Dessert was called ‘kartofelpuffer mit apfel müss’ which was fried potato fritters with apple mousse. It tasted better than my description perhaps! Karen indulged in yet another hot chocolate! The walk back to our apartment was probably needed after such a large meal.


One thought on “Bohemian Switzerland National Park.”

  1. Sadly my day was nothing like yours! A Prep House sports afternoon – not a hot chocolate in sight – definitely no strudel. Your day sounds far superior! Safe Travels Denise

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