Bratislava and beyond

After a six hour flight we finally made it to Vienna airport and we got through quickly and took a bus straight to Bratislava. The trip took about 50 minutes and we saw some nice countryside and lovely Austrian villages. On our arrival at the bus terminal a young local woman rang herself and us two taxis to get to the old town, where we are staying. Very cheap taxi. We met the lady who has the place we are staying at and got a key. She works just down the street also in the heart of the old town. The apartment was a breathtaking four flights of stairs! Perhaps a backpack would have an advantage over a suitcase! After leaving our cases we headed off to the shop where our hostess, Livia works and chatted about a few things to see and where to eat. We walked around the lovely old town, went down to the Danube where we saw a huge cruise ship berth and then came back to eat in one of the many restaurants, called Foxford. Lovely tapas style plates but quite reasonable. It is also a bookstore specialising in recipe and food books.

There are lots of quirky locals in Bratislava.
There are lots of quirky locals in Bratislava.

Back to the apartment after another walk and met Joseph, the boyfriend and their cute dog. Chatted for about an hour and half in English before crashing to sleep, even with cafe noises below from the street.

Making friends in Bratislava.
Making friends in Bratislava.
Devin castle on the Danube River.
Devin castle on the Danube River.


Today it is cloudy and we’ve had a few showers but still walked around a bit, saw the castle and some of the cathedrals and tried some more Slovak food and beer. The beer I drank last night was 12%! We also did a long walk along side of the Danube to a massive shopping centre where we bought a local SIM card for the phone and ate lunch. During the late afternoon took a bus half an hour out of town to Devin which has a famous castle on the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers. Sadly there was a festival inside the grounds so couldn’t get in but walked around below snapping away. Took a boat back to Bratislava, passing cargo boats and cruise boats on the river.

Enjoying our cruise on the Danube River.
Enjoying our cruise on the Danube River.

Karen did a bit of shopping at Livia’s boutique, buying a lovely summer hat and a pendant. Ate at a traditional Slovak restaurant last night but the food was just so-so, I guess you’d say a bit of a tourist trap. However there was a trio of musicians playing beautiful Slovak music so all was not lost! On our return to the apartment chatted with Livia again and shared a few photos. She and Joseph both work and study as well as run their business on Airbnb.


3 thoughts on “Bratislava and beyond”

  1. Lovely photos and I like the company you’re keeping Karen. The people you meet on bench seats! The weather looks coolish?! Probably cool compared to Dubai. Keep on enjoying your travels and I look forward to the next entry.
    Suzanne and Charles xx

  2. Hello just doing some research and noticed a lovely castle where you are and a blue church.
    Are you planning on visiting these two buildings if so send a photo?
    See ya
    Have a good day.

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