Our Post Trek Reflections on Nepal


In Nepal we loved –

Our amazing trekking team – fellow trekkers, Judy, Rod and Carol; our wonderful guide, Krishh, Sherpa Hira and porters, Sesil, Kamal and Suman.

The friendly locals wherever we went.

Our trek to Kopra Ridge, well most of it.

Scenic flight along the Himalayas to Mt Everest.

Shopping in Thamel.

The historical Durbar Squares in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

The relaxed atmosphere in Pokhara – a great place to unwind after a trek.

DSCN4877                   IMG_0036

Favourite meal –

Those cute little Momos are pretty good.

Dahl baat is not bad either, especially when your plate is refilled until you’re full.

Veggie fried potatoes are yummy.

So too are the massive spring rolls made with locally grown veggies.


Favourite food item (as distinct from favourite meal) –

Mark would rate his birthday cake at Kopra Ridge and the sun shaped apple pie at Dhankhacka.

Chocolate custard.


                                                  Now that’s an apple pie!

Favourite drink –

Mark would say Nepal Ice beer or ginger, honey and lemon tea.

Karen would vote for a small pot of masala tea.

DSCN5367       DSCN4974

Unexpected highlights –

The lush rhododendron forests and the range of other beautiful scenery along our trek.

The restful sound of river water as we trekked.

Birthday cake at 3600m.

Nepali folk dances. Yes you should join in if asked!

Actually seeing the Kumari (the living goddess) in Kathmandu.

DSCN5055  DSCN5345_2

What you must do when you travel to Nepal –

Trek, even if it’s only for a couple of days.

See some local entertainment.

Go shopping and have fun bargaining.

See Mt Everest and as many of the other massive mountains as you can.

What you should avoid –

The monsoon.


Crazy drivers.

What you won’t find at home –

The highest mountains in the world.

Hardly any roads.

Lots of people walking.

The cheap price of food that is so delicious.

DSCN4934   DSCN5353

What you need to be prepared for –

Queuing to get your ‘visa on arrival’.

Crazy drivers and rough roads.

Being near the front of any queue for an internal flight so you can get a window seat.

Dusty roads. A face mask is worth taking/buying.



What to be prepared for on a trek –

Having your camera ready to take shots of beautiful scenery and amazing scenes of rural life in Nepal.

Toilets that don’t flush. (i.e. footpad style toilets.)

Rain at the end of the monsoon season.


DSCN4967 DSCN5398


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