We had one day to take it easy and shop in Pokhara. First we went to a mountain goods store where I bought more trekking pants and Karen purchased a pair of pink Keen sandals. Judy was keen to buy some hemp clothes so next we went to almost the end of the main lakeside road to a gallery/shop run by a friend of Krishh’s who designs and sells mostly t shirts. All of us ended buying a few t shirts for family members. From there we walked along the lake edge path past boats, young kids fishing and the steady stream of tandem hang gliders coming from a nearby hilltop.


Next we took late morning tea drinks at Moondance but sadly they hadn’t made lemon meringue pie yet. After a bit more shopping for clothes and books we went back to Moondance for lunch. Karen had a hommus, chapatti and veggie sticks platter while I enjoyed a grilled chicken salad. Next the pool beckoned so we quickly changed, had a poolside shower and enjoyed a dip in the pool. After we showered, changed and rested before heading to the hotel restaurant to partake of barbecue night with entertainment. We started with a tasting plate of meats, then soup then main course, dessert and of course some drinks. By the end we were absolutely full! There was a local traditional band. The dancers were dressed beautifully and danced well but the band musicians looked bored. We retired to our rock hard bed.
Awoke the next morning about 7:00. Dressed and packed before heading to the restaurant to eat our buffet breakfast. Checked out and paid our bill just in time to see Maccapucchere for the first time peeping at us above the shop roofs! Soon our mini bus arrived and we headed to the airport which was pretty close by. Once we were checked in we went upstairs to the observation deck and took lots of snaps. Most of the Annapurnas were now on view. It was just a brilliant way to finish our time here in Pokhara. Our flight took off about thirty minutes late but this time we had prior knowledge on our side and all managed to secure a window seat to get an awesome view of the mountains as we took our thirty minute flight to Kathmandu.

At the airport we finally saw all the Annapurnas in their glory!
At the airport we finally saw all the Annapurnas in their glory!

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