Mt Everest scenic flight

Up about 5:45 and headed down to the lobby where we are met by our driver. We are off to the airport for the scenic flight over Mt Everest! The weather looks good. Even the traffic is light. Once at the airport we check in and after a short wait are bussed to the plane. Everyone has a window seat. We take off and the plane climbs past the first range. Cameras are snapping, videocams are running. one after another we are invited up to the cockpit to have a view. My turn is just as we have reached the closest point to Mt Everest so I have to snap quickly as the plane banks around. Back in my seat the view has changed. I am on the ‘off’ side now and Karen takes over as head photographer. All too soon we are landing back at Kathmandu airport. Then it’s back to the Shangr-la for a casual buffet breakfast. What an awesome start to the day!



2 thoughts on “Mt Everest scenic flight”

  1. I have taken the flight twice. It is so beautiful up there!
    But I thought those planes were really scary. As if a sudden wind would’ve taken it away.
    Nothing of it happened though 🙂

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