Back in Kathmandu

Temple in Kathmandu's Durbar Square.
Temple in Kathmandu’s Durbar Square.

On our arrival we were picked up and taken to the Shangri-la. we collected the rest of our gear and headed to our new rooms for a bit of a rest. Karen and I bought food from the hotel bakery then did a trial pack. It quickly became clear that Karen needed more space so an extra bag was added to the shopping list for later on. Krishh had arranged a vehicle and lady guide for the five of us to go to the mountain top stupa (monkey temple) and then into the main Durbar square. The stupa area was very busy. The temple didn’t seem that religious, in fact it seems to more of a market place. At the end we walked down a huge flight of steps to the car. Next we drove to central Kathmandu or as close as we could get due to the festival. Out of the vehicle we got and followed our guide along the streets up to the Durbar square area which was jammed with people. Apparently there are hundreds of temples of varying sizes here. We went into the former residence of the king and then to the Kumari’s temple and home. She is the so called living goddess. Amazingly whilst there she actually came to the viewing window, just a small, very young and lovely girl. No photos allowed! We made our way back to the vehicle for the short drive to the Thamel area where re-met Krishh who was once again going to be a shopping trip guide for us. Judy started with paper goods then pashminas then we purchased a new coat for Karen and a new waterproof bag to put our trekking gear into separately. Carol, Rod and I did a bit of book buying to round things off. Krishh then took us to the Rum doodle restaurant for dinner. I ate a huge hamburger meal (meat again!) and Karen had a veggie burger. Speeches by Kran and Krishh followed with extra bits added by all. It was a great way to finish our time together. Krishh organised taxis to drive us back to the Shangri-la for a well earned sleep.


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