The Trek

Got up before 6 am to try to blog but wifi connection isn’t working! So as we fly out today at 9:00, to start our trek, it seems Internet access being limited to none we will seemingly be out of contact for the next ten days. We finish packing and go for breakfast. Again lots of good choices at the buffet. At 7:30am we leave for the airport. On arrival check in and wait for our departure. It’s delayed by about ten minutes, leaving at 9:10. We are in an Airstream 41, twin prop plane. Very noisy! Along the way we get a brief but clouded view of the Annapurnas. On arrival load up gear and trekkers into a comfortable minibus and leave Pokhara to head to the start of our trek in the foothills at Nayerpul. As soon as we arrive our bags are taken by the porters, put into pairs and tied together ready to be attached to a head band which they use to carry the bags over their back. We set off walking through the town. Lots of animal excrement to dodge! The trail is really a dirt road with lots of pot holes and mud from recent rain. We make our to the town of Birethanti after about half an hour. At this point we cross a bridge and then go into a riverside cafe for lunch. We eat soup and chapati. The rest of the group indulge in ‘small’ pots of milk tea. After lunch we continue on. Quite often we have to stand aside while a 4W drive goes along the road.

On the trail between Nayerpul and  Shayauli  Bazaar
On the trail between Nayerpul and Shayauli Bazaar

The road finally reaches a fork at a bridge over a stream and we head off along a narrower track. This track is gently up and down – ‘Nepal flat’ as our guide Krishh says!


We arrive at Shyauli Bazaar just before 4:00pm and are shown our rooms which are upstairs at the lodge. Tried for a shower but the water kept running out so had a wash to get rid of the sweat. The toilet is footpad style and a bit of a challenge. We order our dinner and sit around chatting and typing and of course drinking more ‘small’ pots of tea. Just before dinner Karen and I look around the other lodges and homes in the town. Had chicken fried rice and Karen ate a vegetable spring roll. After a bit of a chat together Krishh explains the details of tomorrow’s trek. He introduces us to our crew-
Hira, who is our local guide and leads the way when we are trekking. He also acts as waiter wherever we stop for meals. Our porters are Susil, who is quite tall, Suman who is about my height and quite young and Kamal who is older, shorter and more experienced. Hira takes our breakfast orders then I type a bit more and edit and look at the photos I have downloaded from the day. As we are all tired we head to bed just before 9:00. It’s quite warm so I just use the sheet.
Effort of the day – We trekkers for dodging 4WD vehicles and the animal excrement to make it to our first lodge.


The first 'small pot'
The first ‘small pot’



2 thoughts on “The Trek”

  1. Oh wow sounds like a real adventure. Looking forward to seeing the photos.
    Keep on having fun and stay safe.

    1. Hi Suzanne and Charles, Thanks for your message. Glad to hear your Dad is ok. All well here, at the moment in Bikaner and it is very hot. Taking a camel safari later today for an overnight stay in the desert. Should be interesting! Love Karen and Mark

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